Our Circle of Compassion:

Twenty years ago, AIDS surrounded our slum communities with fear and prejudice.

To combat the crisis, we opened Bangkok's first free AIDS hospice and began reaching out to our slum neighbors - at first door to door – with messages about compassion, understanding, and prevention. Our HIV/AIDS projects quickly expanded to include a loving home for children, a city-wide homecare program, and an extensive outreach and education program throughout the slums. In 2012, because of advances in treatment, medicine, and homecare, we were able to close our hospice. Our other AIDS programs - homecare, outreach/education, child care and shelters - continue to grow.

Today, our Mercy Centre HIV/AIDS programs  encompass the needs of an entire poor community, from babies and toddlers to abandoned and homeless adults, struggling families, and grandparents who care for their orphaned grandchildren. In reaching out to entire communities, the young and old, in their homes, communities centers, factories and schools, our foundation surrounds a community in a "circle of compassion" - a circle of caring, trust, and love in the everyday celebrations of life.

Our Programs:
Mothers and Children's Home
Home-based Care
Bridge of Hope - A Caring Centre
AIDS Education/Outreach

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