Protection, Caring, Education, a Future full of Opportunities

Number of Children
Currently 180 children. Over 50 Mercy children were born with HIV.

The Care We Provide
The HDF operates five Mercy homes for children. Every child who lives with us comes from somewhere: a home, a village, a place full of relatives, people they call Aunty and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. Our goal with all of our children is to help them return home whenever possible, in those cases where the home environment is loving and nurturing. We raise the children in the religious faith of their parents and teach them to respect all religions. Our children attend Catholic Mass and Buddhist ceremonies. We have programs that teach our children art, computers, dance, and physical education. Each Mercy Home also includes social workers, cooks, tutors, and coaches. We send them all to school and nurture and love these children as part of our family. We teach them all we can to prepare them for life once they leave our Mercy family.

Our boys coming home  from school.

Our Homes:

  • Five permanant homes, divided by sex and age.
  • A home for children in transition, joining or leaving our Mercy Centre.
  • Previously - before anti-viral medications were accessible - we operated¬† separate homes for our boys and girls living with HIV/AIDS. Now that these children are able to receive daily anti-viral medications, they are able to lead more normal lives. In 2012, we integrated these children into our other Mercy homes. For more information about how Mercy raises children living with HIV/AIDS, please visit here.


In 1976 HDF opened a home for nine street children who depended on Father Joe and Sister Maria for survival. Our capacity to care for such children grew with each child we took in and our reach expanded every year. The following year, the Ministry of Justice, in a unique arrangement, also began assigning children to our care as an alternative to incarceration.

The Challenges
Our greatest challenge never changes. That is, to ensure that our children, who often come to us after experiencing enormous infancy and childhood deficits, are able to be children once again on their way to leading a fulfilling family life in adulthood.

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