We are extremely happy that you are interested to share in our privilege to work with the poorest of the poor.  Weve always considered working with the poor to be an honour and great privilege.  We have been chosen, we have a gift, we all have a gift to work with, so thank you for sharing your gift with the children.

We ask you to join us, and we ask the permission of the children to accept you, as we do for ourselves.


Father Joe



Mercy Centre volunteers and interns are an essential ingredient in the success of our programsThey provide precious time, skills and energy to help the less fortunate in and around the slums of BangkokSometimes they come for a short time, others for a long time, each making their mark on the childrens lives.

In your time here you will meet the children, mums and grannies, and hear some truly inspiring stories from heartbreaking beginnings.  You may even discover some of your own to tell by the time you leave us

You are likely to find many charitable organisations across Asia (including Thailand) charging high fees to volunteer or intern with themThe Mercy Centre is not one of them, we only want and need your time, commitment and enthusiasm no money.  Of course if you want to donate money or sponsor-a-child separate to volunteering or interning, we will happily accept.

If you are interested in becoming a Mercy Centre volunteer or intern, please read through all the following information, requirements, available opportunities and terms & conditionsIf you believe you have the time, commitment and enthusiasm to match, please submit an application.


Available Opportunities



Skills, experience etc.

Art Teacher

1 Hour

Afternoon, Thursdays

Good at painting and drawing

English Teachers (Preschool)

2-10 hours each week

Morning, Monday to Friday

Proficient at English Language

English Teachers

(Janusz Korczak School)

3-15 hours each week

Morning, Monday to Friday

Proficient at English Language

Conversational English Teachers (staff)

1-3 hour each week

Morning & Afternoons

Proficient at English Language

Carer or Social Worker

1-5 days per week

Monday to Friday

Aged, disability or social work experience is an advantage

Thai conversation language

Writing funding proposals

2-3 hours a week


Proficient at English Language


Match Tutor

(Mercy 6 Home)

1 hour

5pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Good at math

Thai conversational language

Match Tutor

(Mercy 2 Home)

1 hour

Afternoon, Saturday & Sunday

Good at math

Thai conversational language

Thai Traditional Dance Teacher

1½ hours

1pm to 2.30pm, Wednesdays

Proficient with Thai Traditional Dance

Proficient at Thai Language

English Tutor

(English House)

1 hour

5pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Proficient at English Language

English Tutor

(Mercy 3-4 Home)

3 hours

9am to 11am, Sunday

Proficient at English

Chinese Tutor

(Mercy 3-4 Home)

3 hours

9am to 11am, Sunday

Proficient at Chinese

Japanese Tutor

(Mercy 3-4 Home)

3 hours

9am to 11am, Sunday

Proficient at Japanese

Art Teacher

(Lock 6 Preschool)

1½ to 7½ hours each week

9am to 10.30am, Monday to Friday

Enjoys Art

Agricultural Teacher

(Mercy Farm)

3 hours once a week


Agricultural knowledge and experience

English Writing


2-3 hours a week


Proficient at English

Translation from Thai to English

2-3 hours a week


Proficient at Thai and English


Terms & Conditions


Minimum Commitment

Most of the children have experienced some form of abandonment, and never had a stable living and learning environment before they joined our Mercy familyMany have moved from one precarious home environment to another from their parents to grandparents to aunts and uncles and even onto the streets, before coming to Mercy Centre.

Importantly our children need a sense of continuity in their daily lives and among their friends, teachers, house mums, caregivers, staff, volunteers and internsIf we allow volunteers and interns to stay for short periods of time, inevitably they will create attachments to the children that they cannot sustainIn the end, these attachments hurt our children rather than help them.

Our minimum commitment is 2 months.

If you dont believe you can offer the level of commitment required, perhaps you can offer your support in other waysOur doors are always open to friends and supporters.


Character suitability

Whilst we warmly welcome volunteers and interns, its a privilege, not a right, to be invited by the poor and disadvantaged to help break the cycle of poverty, and provide relief for those suffering and in distressMercy Centre takes the care and protection of children and vulnerable people seriously, and we must take appropriate and reasonable steps to assess the character of individuals wanting to join with us, as well as their ongoing participation:

      •  Interview

Applicants may be invited to attend either a face-to-face or phone interview, to discuss their application, skills, experience and our opportunitiesIt will be a chance for the applicant to provide any further information, and ask any questions they may have about the Mercy Centre or our programs.

     •  Reference Checks

An applicants personal, educational and or employer references may be contacted to assess an individuals suitabilityNo person will be contacted without your consent.

     •  Police Certificate:

The majority of activities do not require the provision of a Police Certificate, as activities are normally supervised by teachers, staff and or house mums

If there is a need to work unsupervised with children or vulnerable people, or if you have indicated a criminal conviction on your application, you will be required to provide a Police Certificate for all countries you have resided in for more than 12 months (over the past 10 years).

Having a criminal record will not necessarily preclude you from joining us at Mercy CentreEach individual's circumstances will be take into consideration, such as the type of crime committed, the seriousness of the offence, type of sentence given and in particular how they may relate to children or vulnerable people.



Approved applicants are often first placed in positions to observe and participate in activities, so they are gradually exposed to the program, and confirm for themselves they are happy to continueIts also opportunity for us to observe and review the suitability for continued participation.



Feedback is sought and welcome from and about our programs, staff, volunteers, and internsIts a great opportunity to understand how we are going, and how we can improve, for better outcomes for the childrenA persons continued suitability may be reviewed should significant or serious enough concerns be identified.


Annual Review

Most volunteers and interns stay less than 12 monthsSome though have stayed with us for many years. Long-term volunteers and interns are required to complete a brief annual review form, based on the 12 month anniversary date from their original approvalIts a simple form and process confirming no changes to their criminal record and history.


Dress Standard

            Modesty is the theme

            Clean & respectful

            No sleeveless tops

            No sportswear (except for sports activities)

            Shorts and dresses to the knees (generally)


Discrimination & Harassment

HDF encourages an open and inclusive environment, free from discrimination and harassmentVolunteers and interns are required to refrain from any behaviour that may be perceived as discriminatory or harassing, and must act as role models for our children.



Volunteers and interns are solely responsible in all matters relating to obtaining their visa, and should obtain the relevant information regarding visas, applications, extensions, renewals, etc., before arriving in Thailand.

Full-time volunteer & interns may be sponsored for a visa and work permit, with all associated administrative and visa costs paid by the volunteer or intern, and paid up-front.  Its important that all conditions of the visa and work permit are adhered to, otherwise it may be cancelled due to non-compliance.


Health Insurance & Liability:

Mercy Centre recommends obtaining an appropriate level of cover for Travel or Health Insurance to cover for any accident, injury and or illness whilst you reside in Thailand

Mercy Centre holds no liability or responsibility for any accident, injury, illness harm or damage associated or related to volunteer and intern activities.


Volunteer & Intern Code of Conduct:

Volunteers and interns are required to behave and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times:

·         Acknowledge and respect the religious foundation on which Mercy Centre was founded

·         Acknowledge and respect the honor and privilege it is to work for the poor

·         Demonstrate respect for the children, adults, staff and volunteers

·         Dress in appropriate attire at all times

·         Adhere to agreed schedules and provide advanced notice of non-attendance

·         Complete any reports and assessments required for the activities undertaken

·         Remain sensitive to all concurrent activities at the Mercy Centre and while interacting with children, staff and volunteers, including:

o   Refrain from taking and publishing photos or video without prior permission of Mercy Centre staff

o   Refrain from communicating with Mercy Centre children on social media, phone, email andany other outside personal contact

o   Maintain the confidentiality of any knowledge and information gained through your time and work at the Mercy Centre

·         Refrain from any act that may cause harm to Mercy Centre children, adults, staff, volunteers, property and oneself

·         Refrain from any act that may defame or cause damage to the reputation of (HDF) Mercy Centre, staff and sponsors

·         Report any security, health and safety concerns immediately to staff

·         Any product, program or material item produced or developed, as a direct (or indirect) result in their participation as a volunteer or intern with Mercy Centre, remains the property of HDF

·         And just as important, have FUN.



Please complete the application form fully, initial every page, sign and date, and attach all relevant documentsThen scan and email, post or drop off in personIncomplete applications may not be processed or acknowledged

Once an application has been received, it usually takes less than a week to finaliseThe applicants suitability, skills, interests and availability are considered along with the available opportunities, for a match

In submitting an application, I understand that approval is solely at the discretion of HDF


Application Form

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