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two sponsorship children in  uniform

Every child has the right to stay in school: We sponsor poor Bangkok children from kindergarten onward, as far as they can reach within the education system - currently over 750 children. Over 50 children we have sponsored since primary school are now attending vocational college or university. When we began sending kids to school 40 years ago, no poor slum kids ever reached secondary school.

Outreach: Our social workers, teachers and parent representatives identify the children who are most in need of education funding assistance. We also sponsor the education of the children living in our care at Mercy Centre, from preschool onward.


  1. Outreach with the parents and guardians
  2. Evening classes and tutoring
  3. Summer camp. Each year, we take the children on a 4-day holiday to a national park where they learn about nature, teamwork, independence, and leadership.
  4. Leadership training for gifted children
  5. Child-to-child learning
  6. Field trips to museums and zoos
  7. Weekend computer, batik, and graphic arts classes at our Mercy Centre
  8. Sporting events

Challenges: The longer we can keep poor children in school, the more likely they will avoid drugs, crime, and teenage pregnancy.

Until age eight or nine, most poor children attend school as they have little economic value as laborers. As the poorest children reach late primary school, many drop out, especially eldest siblings, to earn family income or to care for younger siblings.

You can sponsor the education of a child in the community here.

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