Tuesday, 29 July 2008 14:52

Mandate: To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS and the stigma associated with the disease.

Objectives:To increase awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention among teenagers, factory workers, and the poor who currently lack access to HIV/AIDS education. To demonstrate and teach compassion and understanding for those living with AIDS.

Current Reach:Greater Bangkok

Strategies and Activities:The Education-Outreach Program is implemented in schools and community centers. The courses consist of small group discussions, case studies, lectures, workshops, games, and question and answer sessions, based on the target group. A two-member team conducts each course. One member of each teaching team is a person living with AIDS. The HDF continuously monitors, evaluates, and modifies each course based on tests, interviews, and surveys to course participants.

Target Groups
i) Youth - Government high schools, youth detention centers, the children in our care, neighborhood children.

ii) HDF Staff , Community leaders and Mercy School Teachers: we are training these groups as seminar and organization leaders.

iii) Parents - The parents and extended family of the children enrolled in our  22 preschools throughout Bangkok's poorest neighborhoods.

Total Reach/year
Over 11,000 high-risk men, women, and youth.

Program Origins/History:The HDF has operated the city's first and largest free AIDS hospice since 1993. Even before the hospice opened, HDF began conducting education programs in the Klong Toey neighborhood, reaching poor neighbors house by house and family by family. We formalized our Education Program in 1999 and began reaching out to specific high-risk groups throughout Bangkok.

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