There are future poets, scholars, and leaders among the children on the streets – the children you see begging, collecting garbage, and sleeping under foot bridges.

They just need a safe place to live and the chance to go to school.

We have been providing shelter, care and education for these children since 1976. Today we have almost 200 children in our family, living in six separate Mercy Homes in and around Mercy Centre.

Our legal aid and anti-trafficking teams defend children in police stations and courts. They help operate the national child abuse hot line, and advocate for children’s rights in every important public and legal forum.

Our outreach street teams protect those street children who can’t or won’t live with us. Vulnerable to human trafficking, the sex trade, drugs, and HIV, these children are in horrific danger daily; and we give them as much care and attention as they will allow.  We think of all these children as a part of our Mercy family.

Our Programs:
Mercy Orphanages and Shelters

Anti-Trafficking and Legal Aid Centre

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